About Us


UKIRK Ministries is a College and Young Adult Ministry 
supported by members and friends of First Presbyterian Church, St. Cloud, 
a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA) denomination.

Want to learn more about our congregation and/or denomination?
First Presbyterian Church website: www.fpcstcloud.org  
PC(USA) denomination website: www.pcusa.org  
PC(USA) Statement of Faith 

St. Cloud UKirk Ministries is also registered with the national collegiate ministry of the Presbyterian Church (USA) denomination found online here:  www.ukirk.org 

Will I fit in?

What if I’m not a Presbyterian? Many who participate in our student faith community are not. You are welcome to join us if you have a different church or faith background, or even if you are questioning your faith and not sure where you fit. This is more common than you might think.

I'm not interested in joining a church. You don't need to. We’ll not attempt to pressure you to join the Presbyterian Church. That said, you are welcome to attend any worship at First Presbyterian Church, or join in any of its events and/or ministries. Several of our student community do each year.

If you have a strong faith, a deep desire for more of God in your life, a heart satisfied only in worship… You are welcome here. And we welcome your enthusiasm!

If you haven't been to church ever - or in a really long time - or sometimes struggle with doubts or what exactly the bible says, maybe you have - or still - suffer from an addiction [or insert your own self-critique here] You are welcome here. Really! There is no surprise agenda waiting for you! We wish to connect students with each other in friendship and in support and service to others - as witness to our faith! Even when we aren't totally sure of what that means. We will support you, your faith, the journey of seeking your own understanding and beliefs, and your time as a college student here in St Cloud.

What if I'm not enrolled at SCSU? If you are enrolled at another college or post-secondary school in the greater St. Cloud area, or even not enrolled anywhere right now, you are welcome to give us a try. The typical age of participants is somewhere between 18-23 yrs old, thus, we plan our events and discussions to be most relevant to this age group.

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