Sunday, September 1, 2019


St. Cloud UKirk [YOO - kerk] exists as two parts:
  1. as an outreach of First Presbyterian Church (St. Cloud)
  2. and as a student-organization at St. Cloud State University
    if you are a student at another college/university in the greater St. Cloud area, you are absolutely welcome to participate with UKirk. Or even if you are NOT currently a student, but this is your peer group, you are welcome here.
we will get to meet in-person again. When that happens, we invite you to try us out. Come to a meal, or a fellowship event. Try out a Bible Student, which for us means a student discussion. Or an easy entry is to come to a worship service at First Presbyterian and meet a student or two, or the Campus Ministry Director (Mark). 

We don't have any dates set on our Fall 2020 calendar yet, because there's just too much yet we don't know about covid-19. But you're welcome to check out our ABOUT page and our PHOTOS page. 

You can also find us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM       → stcloudukirk

If you would like to connect with someone from UKirk over the summer, we can arrange a phone meeting, or Zoom, or socially-distanced appointment with a student, or with (Mark) Campus Ministry Director at First Presbyterian Church.